Terms of Service

Indigoapplyguide.com is transparent with all the terms and conditions
set for its services. This, in combination with privacy policies, aims at
establishing a thorough understanding between the users who visit the
website and the service providers on this platform.

Scope of Service

As a user who visits Indigoapplyguide.com with the purpose of
gathering information or getting in touch with merchants who have
made their credit cards available on the website, kindly keep in view
the following terms that encompass service provided by

  • The website does not own any credit cards or other products
    presented here. It only takes the responsibility for providing
    authentic links to credit card applications so the customers can
    safely get in touch with the right providers.
  • Indigoapplyguide.com does not take responsibility for damage or
    loss that occurs during the deal/transaction between an applicant
    and the provider.
  • Indigoapplyguide.com does not take responsibility for inaccuracy
    in information, materials, and the content that has been provided
    to the website by credit card suppliers.
  • The website has gathered all the information for the sake of
    educational purposes. Users are encouraged to not consider this a
    legal advice in any way.
  • If a user needs financial/legal advice or tips on personal credit
    management, they should get in touch with the right service
    providers or lawyers. Recommendations included on the website
    are our own ideas ONLY.
  • Indigoapplyguide.com has a financial relationship with merchants that make their products available on this platform. It manages the task of increasing awareness and generating more sales for the suppliers.

Terms of Service Are Subject To Change

Terms discussed here, and in privacy policies, are subject to change and
do not need prior notice. The website is continuously updated with the
latest information related to rates, fees, terms of use, etc. This maybe
done so without any notice for any product that is being advertised on
the website.

Indigoapplyguide.com also reserves the right to discontinue any
product, either on demand of the merchant or due to other reasons,
and does not guarantee notification to the readers in this case.
However, they will be notified whether the changes are permanent or